Scott Schaerer | Payments & Shipping

1837 - Leaf Detail McBryde Garden - Kauai HI May 20151837 - Leaf Detail McBryde Garden - Kauai HI May 2015


Please email me at: to make purchase arrangements, along with the catalog print number you wish to purchase.

Collector prices represent credit/debit card pricing.  Through Square or PayPal, I accept all major cards.  I also accept Bitcoin - please contact me directly to arrange a Bitcoin exchange purchase.

Cash purchases in US Dollars, Euros, or other stable currencies, will receive a 5% discount.  I accept personal checks on U.S. bank accounts, but require that artwork be held for at least 5 business days prior to shipment.

I’m always looking for a way to protect my expense structure in silver film and paper from wide price swings.  Payment in recognizable silver and gold coins or bullion will receive a 15% discount.

I do not want cost to be an impediment to enjoying or purchasing one of my works.  I will directly finance any purchase, with 20% down, and minimum recurring monthly payments of $50.


Multiple Print Purchases
I want to encourage active collectors of my works to enjoy as many prints as possible.  If you are considering a purchase of multiple prints, I provide a 10% discount on single purchases of 3 prints or more.


Prints are packaged in rigid delivery materials and shipped via either UPS or FedEx (preferred).  Shipping costs are in addition to the above prices, and can vary widely based on global location, insurance, and if framing is included.  Standard shipping for an average unframed print is between $25-45 for most U.S. locations.



I will directly deliver and install my work to anyone purchasing multiple prints within a reasonable driving distance of my home in Lake Oswego, OR.  For purchases of 15 prints or more, I will travel to anywhere in the U.S., and personally oversee delivery and installation of your prints.


I want every collector of my work to have the finest, hassle-free experience possible.  While I do my absolute best to represent the quality of every image on my website, if for any reason you are not happy with a print’s quality, or an image is damaged during shipment, please return it.  I will accept any returns within 10 days of delivery, with a full refund or credit towards purchases of other works.  All prints must be returned in the same internal packaging and shipping package (if not damaged).  Please call or email me directly to arrange any return logistics.



I know how the same image, sitting on the same wall for years can get a little tired - I'm an active collector of photography and artwork myself.  I offer an exchange program to patrons of my work who have purchased 3+ prints, and all you have to do is cover the return shipping costs.  As an active collector, you can exchange my photographs at any time, with the full original cost applied to any available print or portfolio in my inventory.  I want to encourage and reward the earliest collectors of my work, who can in theory, enjoy many prints over a lifetime.