Some of my earliest memories were helping my dad rock developing trays in our darkroom at age 8, and I was mesmerized as images would magically appear.  I was instantly in love with the process, and I’ve been making traditional fine art photographs for over 30 years.

I learned the process of seeing, exposure, and developing fine art black and white prints at an early age from my father.  He was active in the Carmel, CA photography scene in the late 60's and early 70's, learning directly from the great pioneers in artistic photography.  My birthplace was near Carmel, where I was also figuratively born as a photographer.

I had my first taste of success with fine art photography in high school when I won an art scholarship, paying for my first year at University of Oregon’s Art & Architecture School.  Over the last 20 years since college, I’ve been based in the Pacific NW, continuing to perfect my seeing and technical expertise with all formats of film and digital photography.

My purpose is to help everybody see amazing things, as close to their true nature as possible, and ultimately make everyone curious about this incredible world around us.  I keep any darkroom and digital editing manipulation to a minimum in all of my images, with a preference for natural light and original subject matter.  I think you'll see my classical artistic training provides a heavy emphasis on form and light expression.

With today’s digital photography there is an almost absurd ability to instantly create an unlimited number of electronic and physical images - on posters, calendars, or even coffee mugs.  I have selected a much different path to distributing my works.  Whether digital or traditional silver images, I keep my limited edition print runs very small at 5 prints or less, providing patrons maximum collectability and value.  I also issue limited, one-of-a-kind, single edition prints.  These represent my favorite images, less than 5% of all my images that I consider worthy of a museum wall.  While the majority of my photographs are in black and white, I have entered the digital age and began seeing some great possibilities in color images.

I have only two ‘causes’ that I support.  The first is to eradicate homelessness.  I work closely with a number of charities that provide shelter, especially those helping teens and children.  The second is to support the photographic arts, working with organizations focused on keeping the artistic photography tradition alive.  I donate 5% of all print sales profits, split evenly between homeless and photographic causes.

I work out of my home studio near Portland, OR, and I'm on the lookout for rural property to build a permanent studio space.  When not in the studio, I'm traveling frequently to experience new places and to bring home some incredible images.

I appreciate your patronage and encourage all feedback, whether constructive criticism or praise.  I view my artwork as a never-ending dialogue with patrons.  So if we haven’t connected yet, please reach out and let me know what you think of my images and any favorites you might have.




Member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) 

Member, Professional Photographers of America